Paul Teague

“I originally built my own list of subscribers by creating e-products and listing them in Joint Venture Giveaways. I then went on to host my own events, with great success and building my subscriber list well into the thousands. Throughout all that time – from 2008 – I ran my own blog, and then I moved into Clickbank and Warrior Forum launches and live coaching and membership sites. I generated a 6 figure income from my Clickbank activities and over $100k in a single week from one high ticket webinar. When I coach you in these areas, you can be assured that I know these topics 100% ‘hands on’ and I know the solution for every issue, problem or query” Paul Teague


FacebookSet Up A Facebook Business Page

Set up your own Facebook Fan Page, learn how to use my amazing,
simple-to-use software, get 1-to-1 coaching on how to do business
on Facebook the right way and become a Facebook expert fast …

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BloggingSet Up A WordPress Business Blog

Set up your own blog and install all the correct plugins to ensure
that you get visitors and web traffic fast. Learn how to run your
own blog, get content tips and get the SEO set up correctly …

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microphoneBecome A Successful Webinar Host

Learn which is the most suitable webinar software, how to set up and run
a live webinar event, how webinar automation can massively increase profits
and leverage your time and get presentation and equipment guidance …

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SuccessLearn How To Create and Sell e-Products

Learn the fastest ways to create digital products, for sale,
to use for leads capture or to giveaway, then discover how to
avoid leaving money on the table during the sales process …
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Membership site graphicCreate A Profitable Membership Site

Membership sites are an essential part of the internet marketer’s armory
because they bring in recurring monthly income without the build up
that’s required for a big launch …

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